All about blood.

Date: 12th Feb 2021 @ 11:38am

Year six have started a new topic in science: the art of being human. Today's lesson was all about blood. The children learned that blood was made from 2 parts: liquid and solid. The solid part contains: red blood cells which carry oxygen ; white blood cells which help to fight infections and platelets which help blood to clot. The liquid part of the blood is called plasma and contains nutrients and protein. Blood is vital for life. It transports oxygen, removes carbon dioxide, regulates your temperature, fights disease and transports nutrients. The blood gets pumped around the body by your heart. They made blood using water and added food colouring (plasma and protein and nutrients); cheerios (and red food colouring to make red blood cells) ; mints (for white blood cells) and rice krispies (platelets).

Next week's lesson: the heart! Watch this space.

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