At Our Lady’s School we aim to

  • develop all children and young people’s understanding of their place in the world; to promote curiosity and fascination –
  • to become an active learner with a passion for history, to develop in all children and young people a sense of who they are locally, nationally and globally
  • to develop well-rounded and successful historians, informed by the National Curriculum, and exposed to planned and differentiated lessons, taught with a clear history objective
  • to develop a knowledge of chronology within which children and young people can organise their understanding of the past
  • develop skill progression across all key stages.
  • help all children and young people to take responsibility and make the best of life choices learning from the past.

We will enable the children to develop their historical skills by making memorable learning experiences; helping children and young people to understand their identity personally, locally, nationally and globally: to think critically, question and challenge sources, opinions and information

Our children will gain a knowledge and understanding of:

  • a sense of time – with a coherent, chronological understanding of cause and consequence
  • continuity and change 
  • interpretation 
  • historical context 
  • appreciating diversity including the nature of the British Isles

When studying history, our children will be able to:

  • Effectively use a range of artefacts and sources, analyse nature, origin, purpose, utility, accuracy and reliability.

We will consider causation and significance of key events, utilise opportunities outside the classroom including home learning to enrich experience, make cross-curricular links to secure application and mastery

The curriculum will ensure continuity and progression across key stages, recognising History as an enquiry with a focus on skills and deepening knowledge and understanding, supported by robust assessment, encourage enquiry, inference, the ability to use high-order vocabulary, questioning, curiosity and communication


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