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At Our Lady’s RC Primary School, our design and technology curriculum allows us to provide inspiring and practical lessons.  We encourage children to develop creative, technical and practical skills to allow them to be successful in an ever-growing world of technology. At Our Lady’s, we strive for children to be able to build and apply a range of knowledge, understanding and skills in order to design and make high-quality models and products for a wide variety of users. Furthermore, we encourage children to evaluate and test their own ideas but also their peers. We encourage them to take risks, and to become innovative with their designs and ideas.

Within the early years our curriculum ensures that all children develop the skills to safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques. As well as experimenting with colours, designs, textures, form and function.


  • Objectives are planned carefully to ensure that all children are showing development in their skills and knowledge throughout the school.
  • Our objectives are closely linked to the Age Related Expectations (AREs) for each year group which allows for a consistent application of the curriculum throughout the different Key stages.
  • Design and Technology is cross-curricular, we ensure we give the children chance to plan, build and evaluate where possible including Science, Art and Mathematics.
  • Within the Early Years we set building task for the children using different types of bricks daily.
  • Revisit vocabulary in other subjects where appropriate.
  • We encourage children to develop in the following skills: planning and research- reaching the topic, decide what they will me and how. Creating- children will put their skills to the test and create their design. Finalising – going back to their plan and taking on board feedback, then can complete their creation to ensure it is done how they would like it to be. Evaluating – considering what worked well and what they would do differently next time. 
  • Children are able to gain the skill of trial and improvement from this curriculum
  • We provide opportunities to celebrating children’s creations with the rest of the school.
  • In KS2 we use STEM, using this means we combine Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to be taught with an applied approach.


The impact of this is to ensure that our children have developed a range of skills that can be used within other areas of the curriculum, including Science, Mathematics and Art. This can then be taken with them into Key Stage 3. Children should leave with the ability to design, build and make high quality products, as well as having developed their problem solving skills which can be applied to real world design problems. Children will be able to:

  • Evaluate their own and their peers work.
  • Effectively use new vocabulary.
  • Understand, use and apply skills in learning how to cook.
  • Develop problem solving skills.



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