Year 6 leavers 2023 - Graduation night ?

Date: 19th Jul 2023 @ 8:59am

Primary school is over now with high school coming fast,
I have to tell you this last year has simply been a blast.
Shortly you’ll be moving on to somewhere fresh and new,
This school will be so different when we do not have you.
We’ve watched you grow and turn into the person that you are,
To read and write and count with ease, you simply are a star!
We want you to remember, a message from us all,
Live your life and chase your dreams, whether big or small.
You are unique and wonderful and sadly, will be missed.
So grab life and forever hold it tightly in your fist.
Goodbye from us and thank you as it has been so much fun,
Remember you are special and you’re simply number one!

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